Chocolate and compounds

A wide variety of chocolate and compounds with the perfect quality-price balance.


The most valued ingredient for adding decoration in various formats.

Cocoa creams

Our cocoa, hazelnut and milk creams for spreading, baking, injecting and coating.


Products for decorations and application finishing in pastry.

Emulsifiers and tendering products

Maximize and homogeneize the air incorporation and stabilize the batter, obtaining more spongy and bigger products.

Fillings and coatings

The most versatile pastry creams and fillings, of outstanding taste and high performance.


Universal products for chocolat and truffle fillings.

Glazes and Gelatins

Gelatins for pastry and bakery that help enhance colour, attractiveness and conservation of the product.

Pastry mixes

Our portfolio of pastry creams, mixes, bread improvers and other essentials in pastry.


Sugar catalogue suitable for every application needs.


Products that ease and complement the different development stages in the bakery workshop.

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