Les Crèmes Crème Brûlée

Les Crèmes Crème Brûlée

Les Crèmes Crème Brûlée is a premium ready-to-use cream. By being soft and aromatic, it is perfect for making one of the most popular mediterranean desserts effortlessly.

Technical Description

Multipurpose pasteurized Crème brûlée cream. Stands out because of its creaminess and its caramel taste inspired by the traditional recipe. Especially created for burning the surface with sugar. If needed, can be diluted with milk to make it more liquid.

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Shelf Life

9 months

Available formats


Formato: 6kg. Bucket

Professional advantages

  • Ideal for making Crème Brûlée.
  • Very creamy texture.
  • Easy dosage.
  • Perfect bakestability.
  • Frezee/thaw stable.

Consumer Advantages

  • Good taste.
  • Creaminess.



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