Pain Au Chocolat.

Pain Au Chocolat


  • 1000g.
  • Flour W200
  • 1000g.
  • Flour W400
  • 240g.
  • Sugar
  • 50g.
  • Salt
  • 125g.
  • Yeast
  • 20g.
  • Improver
  • 1100g.
  • Waster
  • 1000g.
  • Butter


Combine the dough ingredients and knead at low to médium speed, until the dough comes together and you’ve reached the stage of low to moderate gluten development. You do not want too much gluten development because you Will struggle with the dough fighting back during laminating. Laminate with the butter.

Assembly and Finishing

    1.Cut pieces of 10x10 cm. and fill with a string of Antares cream.

    2.Ferment and bake at 200ºC.


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