Dark Chocolate Truffles.

Black Truffle Chocolat 52%


  • 645 g.
  • Haya 58%
  • 500 g.
  • Cream 35 % M.G.
  • 50 g.
  • Sugar
  • 100 g.
  • Butter
  • 100 g.
  • Liquor


Boil the cream with sugar and pour on top of the chocolate. Add liquor and vanilla. When it all is at 40ºC combine with butter. Let it rest in a refrigerator until it cools down. Whip it without hardening.

Assembly and finishing

    1.Sieve Cocoa Powder or Nevada on top.

    2.Cover with Haya 60% creamy texture.

Temperatures and baking time are tentative.


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