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Sacher Milk

Cocoa and milk coating cream perfect for pastry.

Abedul-Chips 20 sin azúcares añadidos

Bakestable dark chocolate chips. (no added sugar)

Sacher Caramel

Caramel coating cream perfect for pastry.

Sacher Bianca

White coating cream perfect for bakery.


Cocoa and hazelnut coating and decoration cream for pastry products. Available in practical tin format for the professional.

Decorar Blanco

White coating cream perfect for bakery.

Decorar Cacao

Cocoa coating cream perfect for bakery.

Cocoa powder 10/12% Eurocao

Powdered cocoa.


Gel for all kinds of emulsions.

Redol MY

Gel for sponge cake doughs.


Tendering product for whipped doughs.

Conservante Norte

Powdered mould-preventing agent.

Impulsor Norte

Raising agent for giving baked pieces volume.

Azúcar invertido

Basic ingredient for making bakery and pastry products.


Damp-proof industrial sugar to sprinkle.


Icing sugar to sprinkle.

Desmol Spray

Separating agent of quick and hygienic application in any mould.

Desmol Wax

Separating agent perfect for sweet doughs of high performance.

Cacao-Chips 7

Bakestable compound chips.

Abedul-Chips 7 sin azúcares añadidos

Bakestable dark chocolate chips. (no added sugar)

Choco-Chips 20

Bakestable chocolate chips.

Choco-Chips 10

Bakestable chocolate chips.

Choco-Chips 7

Bakestable chocolate chips.


Mix with a lemon touch for making centers.

Roller Planchas Calados

Pastry mix to prepare layers. Ideal for moisture.

Roller Plus

Pastry mix to prepare sponge cakes.

Les Crèmes Yogurt

Les Crèmes Yogurt is a very versatile cream that is suitable for baking, freezing and also as a final product to consume cold in fresh and light desserts.

Les Crèmes Crème Brûlée

Les Crèmes Crème Brûlée is a premium ready-to-use cream. By being soft and aromatic, it is perfect for making one of the most popular mediterranean desserts effortlessly.

Les Crèmes Limón

Les Crèmes Limón is a premium ready-to-use cream that gives the most traditional desserts their intensity of mediterranean lemons. Ideal for filling and baking.

Les Crèmes Dulce de Leche

The reinvention of Dulce de Leche: a premium spreadable cream with high content of the authentic Dulce de Leche. Ready to use, bakestable and injectable.


APOLLO has a spectrum of bakestable injectable and spreadable ready-to-use creams of different flavours. Available flavours are: strawberry, lemon, orange, kiwi, banana, raspberry, peach, blueberry, tiramisú, pineapple, mango, coconut or vanilla.


MOOREA offers a fruitful range of fruit filling creams with a fine flavour. Ready to use, injectable and bakestable. Available flavours: Moorea Orange, Moorea Apple, Moorea Apricot, Moorea Strawberry, Moorea Raspberry and/or Moorea Blueberry.

Nooki Dark

Ready-to-use truffle .

Nooki Leche

Ready-to-use truffle .

Sacher Supreme

Cocoa coating cream perfect for pastry.

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